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A.  How To Navigate The Site?


Shopping on is very simple. You are a few clicks away from having your stuff delivered to your door!


·        To navigate the site, use the Department Menu to the left of the screen


·        Select the department you wish to visit and any main category within that department. The page will be directed to that department


·        For example, The “Blu-ray Store” has 3 main categories: Blu-ray Movies, Blu-ray Disc Players, Blu-ray Accessories


·        Choosing any main category will take you into the “Blu-ray Store”


·        For example, if you select “Blu-ray Movies” you will be taken to the “Blu-ray Movie” page


·        Browse the main category, “Blu-ray Movies” and select any sub-category within the Department Menu to the left


·        For example, Blu-ray movies are divided into 2 main sub-categories – Action/Adventure and Animated.


·        Choose a sub-category located to the left in the  Department Menu to browse the products



B.  How To Add Items To My Trolley?


·        Simply go to the product page and hit the “Add to Trolley” button. This will take you to the “What’s In My Trolley?” page where you can add or remove products and update quantities


·        Please note that in order to add and remove products or reduce quantities for any item, you MUST hit the “Update Cart” button after making any changes


·        After editing the product and quantities, hit the “Checkout” button. This will take you to the “Sign In” page. If you don’t have an account, create one now or proceed to checkout without signing in. If you are an existing account member, fill in your information and sign in


·        You will then be diverted to the “Delivery Information” page


·        You will be prompted to then choose your shipping and payment method. If you have any comments regarding delivery or payment, please enter them in the box below and hit the “Continue” button


·        If you choose “Payment on delivery,” the “Order Confirmation” page will appear and at this stage you can edit your delivery address and billing information as well as products. After reading the terms and conditions, click for acceptance and hit the “Confirm Order” button


·        You will receive a confirmation e-mail and subsequent e-mails regarding the status of your order



C.  How To Write A Review?


  • You can write reviews for products purchased on if you are an account member. To do this, go to the product page for the product you wish to write the review and hit the “Write a review” link under the main category pictures
  • This will take you to the “Sign In” page. Enter your account information at this stage
  • Write your review in the box provided and also rate the product. Fill in the security code for verification and hit the “Continue” button



D. What Are Your Forms Of Payment?


Please be advised that DOES NOT accept Cash for ANY transaction whatsoever. The use of cash is strictly prohibited for security purposes. We will not accept cash upon delivery for any transaction. offers two (2) forms of payment for items being sold on the website:


  1. Online Credit Card Processing (PayPal) and
  2. Payment on Delivery using a Wireless Point of Sale (POS) Terminal (Debit Card or Credit Card)

With regard to the abovementioned forms of payment, please note the following:


(1) All online credit card payments must be made by VISA or MASTERCARD. Online credit card processing is completed by PayPal.

"PayPal allows any business or consumer with an email address to securely, conveniently and cost-effectively send and receive payments online. Our network builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a global, real-time payment solution. We deliver a product ideally suited for small businesses, online merchants, individuals and others currently underserved by traditional payment mechanisms.

The size of our network and widening acceptance of our product have helped us become one of the leading payment networks for online auction websites, including eBay. PayPal is also being increasingly used at other e-commerce sites for the sale of goods such as electronics and household items, the sale of services such as web design and travel, and the sale of digital content. Offline businesses, including lawyers, contractors and physicians, have increasingly begun to receive payments online through PayPal. PayPal's service, which lets users send payments for free, can be used from PCs or web-enabled mobile phones.

PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A is duly licenced as a Luxembourg credit institution in the sense of Article 2 of the law of 5 April 1993 on the financial sector as amended and is under the prudential supervision of the Luxembourg supervisory authority, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, with registered office in L-1150 Luxembourg. Since the service is limited to E-money, which does not qualify as a deposit or an investment service in the sense of the Law, customers of PayPal are not protected by the Luxembourg deposit guarantee schemes provided by the Association pour la Garantie des Dépôts Luxembourg (AGDL).

PayPal Inc. (which is a parent company of PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A) was acquired by eBay in October 2002, and is located in California, USA."


Payment to PayPal results in your credit card being charged in American dollars ($US). The rate is estimated on using the most common aggregate which is stated in the “Details” button next to the price in the Product Details page. By clicking on “I agree to Terms and Conditions” you agree to these Conditions of Use outlined and the estimated exchange rate when payment is made through online credit card processing.


The actual rate may vary when your credit card is processed on any given day by your local credit card provider but usually the rate charged by the your credit card provider/bank is lower (or can be higher) than the rate stated on the website. This means that the actual sale amount may be lower (or higher) depending on the rate stated by your local credit card provider/bank on the day in which your card is processed. It is the user’s duty to verify these rates before making online purchases via credit card. The payment processing and security verification time issued by PayPal after the online payment is made varies from 1 hour to 24 hours. We can only deliver after payment was approved for online credit card processing regardless of the delivery time selected at checkout.


Your credit card information for online processing is made to PayPal and is NOT made to By accepting payment to PayPal you agree that all information supplied to PayPal is correct and that you and not are responsible for paying any unauthorized amounts billed to your credit card by a third party. You agree to pay all fees and charges incurred in connection with your purchases at the exchange rates in effect when the charges were incurred. If does not receive payment from your credit card issuer or its agent, you agree to pay all amounts die upon demand by Trini Trolley Limited or its agents.


Your credit card issuer agreement governs your use of your designated card, and you must refer to that agreement and not this Conditions of Use to determine your rights and liabilities as a cardholder.


By agreeing to online credit card payment processing via PayPal you also authorize adjustments or reversals to be made to your payments method in connection with returns, cancellations, refunds, reversals or any other adjustments for any reason deemed necessary by as stated within these Conditions of Use.


(2) By agreeing to Payment on Delivery, you will be required to pay for merchandise purchased on this website using your debit card or credit card using a wireless Point of Sale (POS) terminal on delivery of goods. By accepting payment using a Point of Sale terminal you agree that all information supplied is correct and that you and not, are responsible for paying all unauthorized amounts billed to your credit card or debit card by a third party. Your card issuer agreement governs your use of your designated card, and you must refer to that agreement and not this Conditions of Use to determine your rights and liabilities as a cardholder.


Upon delivery, the customer is expected to sign for receiving the goods in good condition and quantity. Payment on Delivery using your credit card will require the customer to present identification before payment is made via the POS terminal in addition to signing for receiving the goods.  Your order will be immediately cancelled if identification is not presented or if the information does not match the details of the credit card.


Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Shop Racheal Ray
Shop Racheal Ray
Jimmy Choo Glenys Cage Platform Sandals2 Jimmy Choo Glenys Cage Platform Sandals
Devon Chocolate Digestive3 Devon Chocolate Digestive
RAK Magnetic Wristband with Strong Magnets for Holding Screws, Nails, Drill Bits - Best Unique Christmas Gift for Men, DIY Handyman, Father/Dad, Husband, Boyfriend, Him, Women (Black)4 RAK Magnetic Wristband with Strong Magnets for Holding Screws, Nails, Drill Bits - Best Unique Christmas Gift for Men, DIY Handyman, Father/Dad, Husband, Boyfriend, Him, Women (Black)
Classic 30-Minute Meals: The All-Occasion Cookbook by Rachael Ray5 Classic 30-Minute Meals: The All-Occasion Cookbook by Rachael Ray
Apple iPhone 6S 64GB - Gold7 Apple iPhone 6S 64GB - Gold
Bananas (Per Pound)8 Bananas (Per Pound)
Frontera - Moscato9 Frontera - Moscato
Rent or Rent To Own
Rent or Rent To Own
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