SAMSUNG WA6700J Washing Machine - Top Loader with Active Dual Wash, 16 kg (Rent-to-Own)

Product Details


Activ Dualwash
Easy pre-treatment
The dedicated pull-down sink provides a place for pre-treating your items so you don’t drip water everywhere carrying them from another sink. Simply soak, scrub, and drop your wet items right into the tub below.


Magic Dispenser
Dissolves detergent for optimal washing
Magic dispenser lets you wash with less worry about residual detergent. It creates a powerful water vortex that dissolves detergent and disperses it evenly before the wash cycle starts.

Wobble Technology
Tangles less. Cares more.
Pulling that knot of clothes out of your washing machine can be tough on you and your clothes. Wobble Technology washes your garments gently to keep them in better condition, without the stress and mess of tangles.

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