PANASONIC SC-AKX800PNK Music System 1800W Stereo (Rent-to-Own)

Product Details

Clear and powerful sound, the "D.Bass Beat" system provides powerful sound to your parties, while the "DJ Jukebox" allows you to play suggested songs using the "MAX juke app" application. 1800W 
  • "Bluetooth®" compatibility. Recording via "Bluetooth® / DJ Jukebox".
  • 25cm "Woofer" with high pressure corrugated material.
  • Equalizer with preset Latin rhythms.
  • Panasonic "MAX Juke App" (click here to google play). It transmits wirelessly to the MAX / AKX the audio signal of the images you are viewing on your VIERA TV.
  • Double USB (recording and playback).
  • 2GB internal memory.
  • Illumination of 6 multicolor LED sequences.


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