Panasonic SC-AKX100PNK - 300W - Bluetooth Stero (Rent-to-Own)

Product Details

Produces a powerful and wide sound. The 300W of power and the newly designed speaker reach bass with powerful output and well-balanced overall sound. The speaker has a 13cm woofer and a 5cm tweeter optimized for the bidirectional system. In addition, by greatly expanding the front of the horn, the sound is ejected with wide directional characteristics.


Record your favorite music from a smartphone via the USB * input to liven up the party. DJ Jukebox plays songs with Mix Play mode. In addition, you can use playlists and play back requests through the MAX Juke Panasonic application.


The AKX100 has a simple and stylish design that fits in a variety of spaces. By improving the surface texture with a matte finish, a simple yet luxurious design is achieved. The main unit also has blue lighting. This soft blue light elegantly complements the adjacent area. 


Output Power: 300w

Output Channels: 2 Channels

Plays: CD, CD-R / - RW, CD-DA, MP3

Inputs: (2) USB

Bluetooth: Yes  



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