Entrepreneur Magazine: April 2016

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How Giphy Became the Internet's Go-To Gif Brand - Giphy is taking on the biggest, weirdest branding challenge online today: How to become the go-to company for a new kind of internet culture.

How One Entrepreneur Turned a Dance Trend Into a Glowing Empire - Brian Lim went to an electronic dance music club six years ago and was inspired to launch a line of rave accessories.

How to Deal When Personal Lives Impact Professional Goals - Conflicts of interest can create far bigger conflicts.
Traveling For Work? 4 Networking Opportunites You Should Know About. - Don't just take your meeting and fly home by Margaret Littman 

At 19, This Maaco Franchisee Began His Steady Rise to the Top - A damaged Camaro led Brian Greenley, then a high school senior, to a career as a franchisee by JASON DALEY

How to Avoid Micromanaging - As 38 Special advised, 'hold on loosely' by Christopher Hann  

How This Startup is Making Mobile App Development Easier - Gigster can find a developer ready to help you in 10 minutes or less by Jodi Helmer 

How This Company Found the Solution for Its Site's Missing Links - HyperX cleared up its sales links -- and now it cleans up on sales by Matt Villano  

How Drones Will Change Your Business - Chris Anderson, cofounder and CEO of drone maker 3D Robotics, explains by Mikal E. Belicove 

This Expert Explains When You Should Kill Your Project - By tracking three measurements of success, you'll have a better idea of whether your project is working -- or not by JOE WORTH

How to Do Well With 3 Types of Do-Gooder Investors - It's possible, but you'll need to form the right purpose-driven business by SAM HOGG

How a Big Birthday Inspired One Man to Become a Franchisee - Tim Huels took a risk, and it paid off. Here's how he did it by Tracy Stapp Herold  

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