Conair True Glow Full Bubble Action & Pinpoint Relaxing Foot Spa (Rent to Own)

Product Details

Foot Spa Relaxing Conair FB5XUT

- Reduce daily stress and tiredness of your feet after a long day's work.
- Combine heat, bubbles and water vibration to achieve relief and relaxation of tired and sore feet.
- Can be used with cold, warm or hot water and this will maintain the water temperature.
- Select from 3 types of massage: vibration with heat, bubbles with heat or vibration with bubbles and heat.
- The surface in the form of nodules gives stimulating massages on the soles of your feet completely relaxing them.
- Large power button that can be activated with the foot.
- Splash protection.
- Usage time 10 to 15 minutes.
- Pink color.

It includes:
  • - 3 interchangeable massage attachments
  • - Pedicure Kit
  • - Multi Purpose Bag
  • - English manual.


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