Fresh Plug Cell Phone Charging Kiosk

Product Details

We are all becoming more hyper connected each day with the use of technology and our dependence on mobile devices has increased exponentially with the advent of smart phones and tablets to send texts, emails and staying connected to the internet.

Without a charged battery, these mobile devices are completely useless. There is a growing demand for access to charging facilities in public locations. Our Fresh Plug Kiosks will meet this demand.
They’re absolutely FREE to use and FREE to host at any location.
Product Features
  • Height: 68 inches or 5.7 feet
  • Width: 22 inches or 1.8 feet
  • Weight: 168 pounds
  • 19” LCD Touch Screen
  • 6 Secure Lockers
  • Integrated Keypad
Easy to Operate
A smart touch screen display helps you navigate the steps of charging and retrieving your mobile device. An integrated keypad helps input your secret passcode. When seconds of battery life matter, our interface makes it easy to get charged.
Secure, Individual Locking Doors
Unlike other charging stations our Fresh Plug phone charging kiosks are perfect for high traffic areas to prevent mobile device theft and are manufactured using commercial grade steel and aluminium components. Each individual locking door also has tempered glass to allow for easy viewing and access.
Works with All Mobile Devices
Our Kiosks are compatible with 98% off all smart phones including Apple iPhone & iPads, Samsung, Android, LG, Sony and BlackBerry devices. Our charging kiosk can accommodate your mobile device charging needs.
Free Charging
The best things in life are FREE and so is the convenience of FREE charging. Without a charged phone how will we stay connected – received those important calls, answer e-mails, tweet, chat on Whatsapp or log onto Facebook? Our phone charging kiosk is the next ATM machine and best of all its FREE!
Color-Changing LED Status Indicators
Fresh Plug’s secure lockers are equipped with LED lighting to indicate at a glance which lockers are free to charge and are in use. Green means the charging bay is available and free to charge, Red means it’s currently being used and Purple means your locker is open to connect your device. It’s that simple and easy to use.
Advertising Platform
Stream images and video commercials with sound all fully programmable content to engage customers at our high foot traffic locations. 
Download the Fresh Plug app for Android or Apple and locate your nearest Fresh Plug Kiosk.
Charging and Retrieving Your Device
To Charge Cell Phone or Tablet
  • Touch “Touch Here to Charge” on 19” touch screen.
  • Select & remember your empty Locker number (indicated by green LED Lights)
  • Set your secret 4-6 digit personal pass code from the keypad and hit “Confirm”. Re-enter your code and hit “Confirm” to complete.
  • The locker will open.
  • Connect your phone or tablet to your charger and close the door (the locker’s LED lights will turn red).
  • You will see “Successful Operation” on the screen.

To Retrieve Phone or Tablet
  • Touch “Touch Here to Retrieve” on the19” touch screen.
  • Choose your locker number.
  • Input your secret 4-6 digit pass code from the touch screen or from the keypad.
  • The locker door opens.
  • Retrieve your device and close the door.
  • Why having a Fresh Plug Kiosk at your location is important.
Let’s face it, the dependence on our mobile device is as important to us as food and water. We use our smart phones and tablets to send texts, emails and staying connected to the internet. Without juice in a charged battery, these mobile devices are completely useless!
A Fresh Plug Kiosk at your location will:
1. Increase Traffic – Your customers and guests will seek you. Everyone will soon know that your location has free mobile charging. Everyone will enjoy this convenience and offering FREE charging will increase traffic to your location by guests and customers knowing there is a kiosk present.
Additionally, our interactive website and app will give people location based features to find the nearest Fresh Plug Kiosk when they are out and running out of juice which means...more traffic to your location.
2. Keep People at Your Location – In a real world no one charges their phone for 60 seconds and leaves. When your guests close those locker doors to charge they’re completely vulnerable to your store & location. No distractions to shop and enjoy your store.
3. Engage More Retention – With little or no distractions from calls, texts, emails and the whole social scene, you can engage your guests to information, products and services.
4. Create a Comfort Area – Providing a little comfort near your Kiosks will go a long way. A few sofas to sit and relax while their devices are being charged will do wonders for your location.
5. Promote Visibility and Interactivity with Touchscreen Display – Our Fresh Plug’s fully customizable and interactive 19” touch screen display with sound can also do wonders for your brand.
6. Convenience and Security – Unlike other charging stations out there, with open unattended outlets to charge, our Fresh Plug Kiosks’ secure, locking charging stations, attendees will be at ease, knowing that their safety is a priority to you.

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