Entrepreneur Magazine: July 2015

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How to Build Up Your Willpower Muscle. - Steely resolve and self-control can usher an entrepreneur past the inevitable challenges to long-awaited rewards. But how best to tap into the secret weapon of willpower?

Willpower Is Your Secret Weapon - It defies logic. It defies science. And entrepreneurs everywhere are proving that it can change the world.

How Sriracha Got So Hot - The conquering condiment is changing the way Americans eat.
More U.S. Workers are Mixing Business and Pleasure - A blended lifestyle of work and play gains traction among travelers by Elaine Glusac 

How a Developer Boot Camp Marched Its Way to Millions - A hands-on continuing education model for software engineers takes off by Michelle Goodman 

Will These Franchises From Down Under Come Out on Top in America? - Australians are franchise fanatics -- and their eyes are on U.S. expansion by JASON DALEY

How This Ex-Googler Is Reinventing the Way Security Cameras Work by Carter Maslan's app Camio only gives you the footage you might actually use byMatt Villano  

The Truth About Facebook and Millennials - Reports of Facebook's demise among teens have been greatly exaggerated. Here, some marketing lessons from the kids and the unique ways they use their favorite undead platform by Ann Handley  

Need to Hire? The Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency. - A staffing franchise helps U.S. employers keep pace with a just-in-time work force by JASON DALEY

Should You License Your Product? - An expert breaks down the good and the bad of licensing to help you decide by JOE WORTH

Anatomy of a VC Deal: How One Seattle Startup Raised $12.5 Million
We'll take you through the entire process, from pitch decks to cut checks by Michelle Goodman 

How to Welcome New Ideas and New Employees - An expert weighs in on how to adjust to constructive feedback and fresh faces so that everyone feels at ease by Gael O'Brien 

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