EastPoint Sports Double Shot Basketball Game with LED Scoring and Stadium Sounds (RENT)

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The EastPoint Sports Double Shot Basketball Game is sure to keep the family entertained for hours on end. The fun is non-stop with 8 great game modes with a thrilling automatic LED scoring and sound system that makes you feel like you're a star in the arena! Each player's score and the game timer are displayed in easy-to-see red LED digits that let you keep an eye on the score while you compete.

Featuring reinforced heavy-duty metal rims and a sturdy 1.5-inch thick metal frame, this game is engineered for the ultimate competition. Each basketball has a stylish EastPoint Sports graphic and the backboard and ball return display the appropriate backboard square and free throw lane for that authentic basketball experience. The ball return folds up for compact storage when you're done playing. This game station is sure to make a great gift for any basketball fan or family! Measures 82"L x 51.5"W x 90"H, weighs 51.8 pounds.

EastPoint Sports Double Shot Arcade Basketball Game with LED Scoring and Stadium Sounds:

  • Great for all Ages and Skill Sets
  • Automatic Electronic Basketball Scoring and Sound
  • 8 Great Basketball Game Modes
  • Strong 1.5" thick Metal Frame for the Ultimate Competition
  • Heavy Duty Metal Hoops for arcade style play
  • Folds Upright for Easy Storage
  • Includes 4 Arcade Basketballs and Inflating Pump

Includes 8 Great Games

Includes 8 great games in one! Solo Game, One on One, Tug of War, Game Winner, Checkpoint, 4 Player Tournament, Side to Side and Cross Court.



Automatic Led Basketball Scoring and Sound

Challenge your friends and keep track of the action with the integrated electronic scoring and sound.



Heavy Duty Hoops

Two reinforced metal basketball play just like the arcade.

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